The Bitten By Love Necklace was inspired by and for fans of the vampire lore.  This beautiful piece uses gold-filled chain to hold in place 4mm Swarovski Siam Bicone Crystals that simulate ‘bites’ from the wearer’s favorite immortal character.

For help with creating a wire wrap loop with a head pin and how to use jump rings to connect beading components, please see our instructional videos or read the instructions at  and

  1. First cut the Gold-Filled chain into four segments.  The first segment should be 2” in length, the second segment 7” in length, the third segment  6/8”, and the fourth segment will be 4 5/8” in length.
  2. Next, thread the 6mm Top-Drilled Siam Crystal Bicone (SW6301-6-SM) through one of the 3.3mm Jump Rings (249033).  Attach the same Jump Ring to the 2” segment of chain.  On the other end of the 2” section of chain, attach another 3.3mm Jump Ring.  This creates the extension for the necklace.
  3. Connect the extension to the 7” segment of the chain and to the hook section of the Gold Vermeil Hook & Eye Clasp (245665).
  4.  Thread each of the 4mm Bicone Crystals (SW5328-4-SM) with one of the Gold Plated 2” Eye Pins (232203) and proceed to make simple loops out of the tail end of the Eye Pins.

Making a simple loop:

    1. After you thread the Eye Pin through your bead, bend the tail en of the Eye Pin at a 90 degre angle, making sure the bend is right on top of the last bead – DO NOT LEVE ANY “PLAY” BETWEEN THE BEND AND THE BEAD.
    2. Trim the excess wire of the tail end of the Eye Pin to approximately 1/2”
    3. Using the round nose pliers, grip the wire at the very end – not too far up the jaw of the plier – making sure the end of the wire does not stick out beyond the jaw of the plier.
    4. Hold the bead(s) firmly with your fingers and roll the wire away from you and toward the bead. Make sure you hold the bead tight as to keep the angle and shape of the loop.
    5. When you reach the point of being unable to roll your wrist any farther, without removing the plier from the loop simply loosen your grip slightly and reposition the plier by rotating it back toward you.
    6. Grip the wire and continue to roll away from you until the ends of the wire meet, forming a loop.
  1. After the simple loops are made, connect one 4mm Siam Bicone Crystal to the 7” chain segment and then to the 6/8” chain segment.  Then connect the other 4mm Siam Bicone Crystal.
  2.  Connect the final 4 5/8” segment.
  3. Attach the Eye portion of the Hook And Eye Clasp to the end of the last chain segment with a 3.3mm Jump Ring, and the necklace is complete. Now all you have to do is wear it to the premiere of your favorite vampire film, or to your book club and be the envy of all your friends who are vampire fans.  Or, give it as a gift because if you have yet to be ‘bitten’ by the current craze, surely you know someone who has.

Gold-Filled chain (15 1/5 inches) (243504)
Swarovski Top-Drilled Siam Bicone 6mm Pendant (1 piece) (SW6301-6-SM)
Swarovski 4mm Siam Xilion Bicone Beads (2 pieces) (SW5328-4-SM)
Gold Vermeil Hook & Eye Clasp (1 set) (245665)
Gold Filled 3.3 mm Open Jump Rings (3 pieces) (249033)
Gold Plated 2” Eye Pin (2 pieces) (232203)

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