The Purple Passion Earrings are an enticing way to celebrate your passion for fashion.  They are made up of Swarovski Crystal pearls and crystal beads as well as gun metal components.  As gorgeous as they are, their beauty grows exponentially when worn with the Purple Passion Ring.

For help with creating a simple loop using a head pin, please see our instructional videos or read the text at

  1. First cut the Gun Metal Plated 3X4 Curb Chain (230302) in half, making two lengths of chain which are 3/4 of an inch in length.
  2. Attach each segment of chain to each of the Gun Metal Plated Ear Wire w/ 3mm Bead and Coil (230700)
  3. Next, using the simple loop method, create simple loops with the Gun Metal 2” Ultra Thin Head Pins (230201) on all 20 of the Swarovski Crystal Pearl and Faced Round Purple Velvet Crystal Beads

Making a simple loop:

    1. First, thread the Eye Pin through your pearl or crystal, then bend the tail end of the Eye Pin at a 90 degree angle making sure the bend is right on top of the last bead – DO NOT LEAVE ANY “PLAY” BETWEEN THE BEND AND THE BEAD.
    2. Trim the excess wire of the tail end of the Eye Pin to approximately 1/2”.
    3. Using the round nose pliers, grip the wire at the very end – not too far up the jaw of the plier – making sure the end of the wire does not stick out beyond the jaw of the plier.
    4. Hold the pearl or crystal firmly with your fingers, and roll the wire away from you and toward the bead.  Make sure you hold the bead tightly as to keep the angle and shape of the loop.
    5. When you reach the point of being unable to roll your wrist any farther, without removing the plier from the loop, simply  loosen your grip slightly and reposition the plier by rotating it back toward you.
    6. Grip the wire and continue to roll away from you until the ends of the wire meet, forming a loop.
    7. For this particular piece of jewelry, you may want to use the process of ‘How to Wire Wrap a Head Pin Loop, which can be found here:  This process is slightly more advanced, but either method works well for this particular piece of jewelry.
  1. Split the beads into two identical groups, and connect each group to the chain segment hanging from the Ear Wire --  you’ll also want to make sure that you place the crystals or pearls in identical spots on the Ear Wire, so as to give the earrings a sense of symmetry when worn.
  2. The next, and final, step is the most fun:  Wear your earrings, making a bold and enticing fashion statement, give them as a gift, or display it with your other jewelry if you’re  seller.

Listed below are the components included in this kit:

  • Gun Metal Plated Ear Wire w/ 3mm Bead and Coil (1 pair) (230700)
  • Gun Metal 2” Ultra Thin Head Pins (20 pieces) (230201)
  • Swarovski 4mm Crystal Pearls Mauve (8 pieces) (SW5810-4-MA)
  • Swarovski 4mm Crystal Pearls Night Blue (8 pieces) (SW5810-G-NB)
  • Swarovski 6mm Crystal Pearls Lavender (6 pieces) (SW5810-6-LAP)
  • Swarovski 6mm Crystal Pearls Dark Purple (6 pieces) (SW5810-DPUP)
  • Swarovski 6mm Crystal Faceted Round Purple Velvet (8 pieces) (SW500-6-PUV)
  • Gun Metal Plated 3X4mm Curb Chain (1 1/2 inch) (230302)

    Tools You’ll Need:

  • Super Fine 120mm Roundnose Pliers with Spring (290655)
  • Super Fine 120mm Flatnose Pliers with Spring (290657)
  • Super Fine 120mm Side Cutter with Spring (290660)

    Beading Techniques Used:

  • Create A Wire Wrap Loop with a Head Pin or Create a Simple Loop with a Head Pin