The USA Celebration Necklace Design is sure to inspire the patriot in all.  This necklace measures 22 inches when finished and is both fun and easy to make!

For help with Making A Simple Loop With An Eye Pin, or Creating A Wire Wrap Loop, please view our tutorial videos, or read the text at or

A) Bend the eye pin at a 90 degree angle, making sure the bend is right on top of the spiral cage. Try not to leave any "play" between the bend and the spiral cage.
B) Trim the excess wire of the eye pin to approximately 1/2". After some experimenting for loop size, you can adjust this length slightly for smaller or larger loops.
C) Using round nose pliers, grip the wire at the very end, not too far up the jaw of the plier making sure the end of the wire does not stick out beyond the jaw of the plier. After some practice, you begin to know exactly where to place the wire in the jaw of the plier to achieve the loop size you desire.
D)Hold the beads firmly with your fingers and roll the wire away from you and toward the bead. Make sure you hold the bead tight as to keep the angle and shape of the loop.
E) When you reach the point of being unable to roll your wrist any farther, without removing the plier from the loop, simply loosen your grip slightly and reposition the plier by rotating it back toward you. Grip the wire and continue to roll away from you until the end of the wire meets the other end of the loop.