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Information about Gold Components


GOLD PLATED: Something that is gold plated is an alloy with an extremely thin layer of gold – at least 10K - adhering to its surface, usually through a process called electroplating. Because this outer coating is so delicate, the gold will eventually rub off due to simple wear and oxidizing chemicals it is bound to come in contact with.

GOLD FILLED The term “gold filled” means that a layer of karat gold has been fused onto a core of an alloy. It has a greater gold content than electroplated gold, and is virtually indistinguishable from solid gold. With proper care – not wearing gold filled jewelry in a swimming pool, keeping it away from household cleaning chemicals, and polishing it using a soft cloth and detergent-free soap – gold filled jewelry can easily last a lifetime.

GOLD VERMEIL Gold vermeil, (pronounced Ver-May,) is an item that has been gold plated over sterling silver. The gold vermeil beads and components sold at Brightlings Beads is 22K gold over sterling silver

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